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Do You Need Braces

braces billings mt

Many of us don’t really notice that we might need braces or some sort of treatment to straighten crooked teeth, or pull teeth together, or fix an overlap, but braces can help these abnormalities. If dental floss gets stuck between teeth, or won’t go between teeth at all, it might be beneficial to visit your…

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Why You May Need Dentures


I take good care of my teeth, you might say, so why would I need dentures?  It’s hard to imagine, but as we age, nature has a way of taking us in directions we may never have imagined. More people wear dentures than you might think.  The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry predicts U.S. adults needing…

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Brush Your Teeth Correctly

brush your teeth

Most of us brush our teeth as part of the morning and evening routines without thinking about it.  The problem is that a quick 15-30 second brushing, which can seem like a long time, isn’t enough to fully remove tarter and leftover food particles.  Dentists recommend brushing for a minimum of 2 minutes to do…

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